Life is full of misfortunes

“It is true that life is full of misfortunes, but fortunate is he who knows how to utilise the ideas which can make him creative.” Swami Rama.

We all have times in our life which are difficult to deal with. For me this is when I grow the most. Working through our behaviours and patterns can free us up so we can then reach our true potential. Seeing our problems as a friend rather then an enemy can change the way you treat yourself. When we look more closer we begin to become aware and accept the way we are. Once learning this we can then begin to play and modify this way of being finding new ways to explore our world. As human beings we are very adaptable and forever changing never standing still. Taping into your creative self can transform your life.

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Mindfulness Testimonials

"I've been working with Ken for the past two and a half years. During this time we have had weekly meetings, the majority of which have been via Skype with a few taking place face to face. The experience of talking via Skype and face to face does not vary greatly as Ken always works in a space that is suited to our work. This is testament to Ken's skills and his commitment to our work. For those that need to work remotely I can recommend this an option." (Skype Client, Director, Dubai)
"I had been a client of Kenneth’s for over two years when, due to a change of job, I had to move to London. Since then I’ve been having my sessions by Skype. Before I started these sessions, I had been a little concerned that it would feel different, or less personal somehow, to have therapy that wasn’t face to face. However, I have been surprised by how natural it feels to have a session this way, and how the sense of really being listened to and understood transcends the medium which we are using to communicate. My weekly therapy is an invaluable part of my life and my weekly routine, and now I have the convenience of having it from my own room, and to be able to communicate with Kenneth, wherever he is in the world.” ( Skype Client, Artist, London)

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