Mindfulness Coaching in London & Portsmouth

Within the busy schedule of modern life, people from all walks of life are looking for time out of their busy lifestyles and want some quality time to relax. I give you, mindfulness coaching!

I discovered mindfulness because I wanted to find peace & calm my thoughts, I felt consumed by my own thinking and wanted a break. I also wanted to be as effective as I could within my therapeutic work – being as present & focused as I could for my clients. Once I had begun my mindfulness coaching & meditation journey, I noticed I felt happier, calmer, more relaxed, my thoughts had slowed down and my thinking was clearer. I was more present in my personal and professional life which made my whole life experience more enjoyable. I was amazed by the turn around in my thinking after such a short period of time of practising mindfulness. I felt this knowledge needed to be shared and now I help people set up their own meditation practice by offering mindfulness coaching in London & Portsmouth.

Mindfulness Coaching: Increased Effectiveness

The task of mindfulness coaching is to redesign your time so that you are more effective in your life – finding a balance between work and play, family and friends. When I began meditating, practising & subsequently coaching mindfulness the effect was a much happier demeanour, to the extent that I did not feel so nervous in social settings, which gave me a renewed confidence.

Mindfulness Coaching: Everything’s a Positive

What I became aware of is how much energy I was once wasting on worrying about things which had not transpired. This gave me time to enjoy the moment and feel relaxed in myself – mindfulness in action. The aim of our task together is to reach an understanding of where you are putting your time and energy, and determine which thoughts are helping and which thoughts are hindering you. In doing this you will begin the process of reorganising your time and energy into things you really want to do, thus creating a happier life style.

The wonderful thing about the mindfulness coaching process is that you naturally know what is best for you. By learning to take a step back you will find all the answers you need. You are that wise person – we just have to tap into your innate wisdom for you to flourish.

Mindfulness Coaching towards Happiness.

Who wants to feel happier I ask you, isn’t that what we all want? Ask most parents what they want for there children & they will say ‘we just want them to be happy’. Of course there are always exceptions and these unfortunate situations are why it is even more important to find out what makes us happy – if you’re situation is less than ideal, mindfulness coaching will help you reorganise your mind and design a way to improve matters or learn to cope with issues to a better degree.

Mindfulness Coaching: Designing Goals & Reaching Them

I remember doing jobs in my life which I really didn’t like – we all have, and sometimes the drudgery would get me down thinking ‘is this all life has to offer?’ I decided to volunteer at a counselling service as a support worker. I loved this particular job and it assisted my thinking towards carving my path as professional therapist. I can now say, here and now, that it has been the best thing I have ever done. Running my own mindfulness coaching & counselling business doing the work I want to do and looking forward to getting up in the morning.

Mindfulness Coaching: Listen to Yourself & Act

The key to happiness is to really listen to yourself and ask yourself, ‘how is what I am doing NOW in my life enhancing my happiness?’ If you are not happy, think about what needs to change. Psychotherapist, Fritz Perls Gestalt used to say ‘if you don’t feel comfortable, go somewhere you do…’. Science has proven that happiness is good for us – can you believe that. Here are some benefits of being happy.

1, Form better relationships.

2, Use your intelligence more effectively.

3, Become more optimistic.

4, Live longer and healthier.

5, Become more creative.

So how do we achieve this? Here are a few things you may like to try:

Be grateful for what you have, when you wake up think what you are grateful for and do it just before you go to sleep.
Let things go, holding on to grievances is only painful to you, let go of past hurt and enjoy the moment.
Always find the positive, state to yourself what you enjoyed about what you are doing or have just done.
And the most important one LAUGH.

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Mindfulness Testimonials

"I've been working with Ken for the past two and a half years. During this time we have had weekly meetings, the majority of which have been via Skype with a few taking place face to face. The experience of talking via Skype and face to face does not vary greatly as Ken always works in a space that is suited to our work. This is testament to Ken's skills and his commitment to our work. For those that need to work remotely I can recommend this an option." (Skype Client, Director, Dubai)
"I had been a client of Kenneth’s for over two years when, due to a change of job, I had to move to London. Since then I’ve been having my sessions by Skype. Before I started these sessions, I had been a little concerned that it would feel different, or less personal somehow, to have therapy that wasn’t face to face. However, I have been surprised by how natural it feels to have a session this way, and how the sense of really being listened to and understood transcends the medium which we are using to communicate. My weekly therapy is an invaluable part of my life and my weekly routine, and now I have the convenience of having it from my own room, and to be able to communicate with Kenneth, wherever he is in the world.” ( Skype Client, Artist, London)

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