Mindfullness Portsmouth

Mindfullness Portsmouth

Please find Testimonials of my counselling and psychotherapy practice in Central London and Portsmouth

You have so much talent and good will. I look forward to seeing your continuing blossoming.

Warmly Lynne Jacobs PHD.

A bright light respect and affection.

Gary Yontef PHD.

I am really glad to have been able to talk to you about my concerns. I am getting on so much better with my Dad now and feel that I have made some big steps in my life. Thanks Ken.


Thank you so much Ken for supporting my son through such a rough time. We are so glad that we found you when we did. Once again thank you for all your help.


My words, however many, will never truly express how much you have touched my life. I have thought a lot about my last session with you today and how I will feel. already trying to analyse something that has yet to happen.
I want to thank you for sharing part of my life's journey and offering counsel and support to me throughout.
This will be a hard good bye and in many ways I have you to thank for that because you have helped me feel again. You have helped me appreciate being able to physically feel emotions instead of running away from it.
You saw my sad eyes and the fact that I was discouraged and I had lost sight of it all. You have helped me find the darkness inside me which was making me feel small.
You saw my true colour's and now hopefully they will shine through. I wont be afraid to let them show because I am beautiful, like a rainbow.
I have learnt so much from you Ken and I will be forever thankful that you came into my life when you did. This good bye is so hard but testimony to your abilities to counsel. To the first person who truly listened to me a hundred thank you's.


If you are holding on to years of torment, fear, punishment, thinking you’re to blame, you need someone who is going to listen and understand what is going on for you. Kenneth is that someone. I’ve been suffering for years and didn’t know which door to enter down this hallway. Thanks to Kenneth and therapy I know which door to enter. This has been a long road and I am so thankful I found Kenneth. I would highly recommend Kenneth and wish others good luck on their road ahead.

(female client)

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Mindfulness Testimonials

"I've been working with Ken for the past two and a half years. During this time we have had weekly meetings, the majority of which have been via Skype with a few taking place face to face. The experience of talking via Skype and face to face does not vary greatly as Ken always works in a space that is suited to our work. This is testament to Ken's skills and his commitment to our work. For those that need to work remotely I can recommend this an option." (Skype Client, Director, Dubai)
"I had been a client of Kenneth’s for over two years when, due to a change of job, I had to move to London. Since then I’ve been having my sessions by Skype. Before I started these sessions, I had been a little concerned that it would feel different, or less personal somehow, to have therapy that wasn’t face to face. However, I have been surprised by how natural it feels to have a session this way, and how the sense of really being listened to and understood transcends the medium which we are using to communicate. My weekly therapy is an invaluable part of my life and my weekly routine, and now I have the convenience of having it from my own room, and to be able to communicate with Kenneth, wherever he is in the world.” ( Skype Client, Artist, London)

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